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FAQs – Ventilia and You

Q. How does Ventilia improve the quality of my home?

Ventilia windows transform lives.
A Ventilia window can stretch from the floor to ceiling and span entire balconies without compromising on the strength. This translated to an excellent view of the outside world without getting disturbed by the noise outside. You can now enjoy an uninterrupted view while relaxing with a cup of coffee inside your home.
Superior engineering ensures that noise, dust, rain, noise and pollution remain outside forever. Ventilia windows are fitted with multiple point locks, double seals and fusion welded joints. These ensure peace and quiet in your home.
Superior sealing also translates into thermal insulation. Air conditioning costs of your home come down substantially.

This window also comes with the distinction of an integrated rain drain solution which removes accumulated water and stops overflow inside a room.
Ventilia has made a unique solution for monsoon prone areas. A specially designed rain track ensures that monsoons stay outside forever.
You can also forget the problem of rattling windows. Ventilia windows are structurally strong that remain stable in face of gale winds. They can be fitted with a hurricane bar to further increase strength.
Ventilia keeps you upto date with latest designs. These include bays, arches, tilt and turn and combination windows. You can chose from a variety of finishes like pristine white, wood, chocolate brown, beige and grey.
Above all, you can be guaranteed a complete peace of mind. Ventilia takes care of all service aspects. These include design, measurement, installation and post sales.

Q. Does Ventilia increase the asset value of my home?

Ventilia windows have a life as much as that of the building. They require negligible maintenance. They make a home sound proof, lower heating and air conditioning bills and improve the aesthetics dramatically. These windows are well sealed and ensure no water leaks, no plaster damage. With some occasional simple cleaning these windows will look like new for years.
The hardware used in Ventilia windows is of a far higher quality than the norm, particularly when compared to aluminium windows.
No doubt, a home fitted with Ventilia has a higher value attached to it than the one without.


FAQs – UPVC Blend

Q. What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC). It is the second most popular plastic in the world, used in food packaging, medical equipment and building products. UPVC is widely used in the West where it is commonly known as Vinyl.

Q. What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC, is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. It is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry. Around the world, over 50% of PVC manufactured is used in construction. As a building material, PVC is cheap, durable, and easy to assemble.
Polyvinyl chloride is used in a variety of applications. As a hard plastic, it is used as vinyl siding, magnetic stripe cards, window profiles, gramophone records (which is the source of the term vinyl records), pipe, plumbing and conduit fixtures.
It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely-used being phthalates. In this form, it is used in clothing and upholstery, and to make flexible hoses and tubing, flooring, to roofing membranes, and electrical cable insulation.

Q. What is UPVC?

UPVC or Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is often used in the building industry as a low-maintenance material, particularly in the UK, and in the United States where it is known as vinyl, or vinyl siding. The material comes in a range of colors and is used as a substitute for painted wood, mostly for window frames and sills. It has many other uses including fascia, and siding or weatherboarding. The same material has almost entirely replaced the use of cast iron for plumbing and drainage, being used for waste pipes, drainpipes, gutters and down pipes.

Q. What is so special about the Ventilia’s UPVC / vinyl windows? How does it stand out against UPVC of other players?

Ventilia UPVC / vinyl windows have a special ‘tropical’ formulation for Indian conditions. It does not fade; the sun, rain, wind have no impact. It has these special additives:

  • Heat Stabilizers: To prevent material degradation during extrusion
  • Impact Modifiers: To improve toughness and impact resistance.
  • UV Stabilizers: Prevents fading under ultra violet rays
  • Lubricants & Process Aids: To improve the extrusion process.

To make UPVC, Ventilia sources PVC resins from a sister division and monitors its extrusion into profiles at its quality conscious state-of-the-art facility in Kota, Rajasthan. PVC + Additives + Stabilizers = Ventilia UPVC.
Beware of spurious blends: Some players tend to use cheap blend by not adding enough of additives and stabilizers and using more of chalk.
Profiles made from Ventilia UPVC blend are tested by BIS, UK (amongst the strictest standards in the world) for stability under strong UV radiations.

Ventilia believes in providing long term quality to its customers.

Q. Are UPVC / Vinyl windows safe?

UPVC, a product of natural resources (57% salt and 43% oil), is 100% medically safe. In fact, it is widely used in the manufacture of catheters and blood bags by the medical profession.
It is safe in other ways too. Vinyl windows made from UPVC create a ‘safe’ indoor environment, free from dust and noise pollution. It is safe from the ecological point of view. The manufacture of UPVC requires minimal use of energy, far less than the energy spent in the manufacture of aluminium or steel.

Are UPVC / Vinyl windows fire resistant?

Unlike MOST other plastics UPVC / Vinyl is self-extinguishing. This means when the source of the fire is taken away, it stops burning.
Any material will give off fumes when it burns – but UPVC / Vinyl wont.

Will the colour of Ventilia UPVC / Vinyl fade over a period of time?

Ventilia’s UPVC / vinyl blend uses the highest amount of titanium di oxide; a key ingredient required to maintain the whiteness of windows under harsh UV conditions. This ensures that Ventilia windows do not fade over sustained exposure to sun.

Is it scratch proof? What will happen if scratches appear on the surface?

UPVC window systems are resistant to scratches during normal domestic use. If scratches do appear, they can be polished out.

Q. UPVC / vinyl windows have been in extensive use in western countries. Has it been tested in Indian climatic conditions?

Ventilia has undertaken an accelerated weather testing with BSI, UK that certifies Ventilia for sustained exposure to sun. Yes they have been tested for many years in the Arizona desert, where the solar and UV radiation is very similar to India.

FAQs – Product Range

Q. Where can I physically see the Ventilia product range?

You can visit the nearest Ventilia dealer / sales office in your city.

Q. How is UPVC better than wood and aluminum?

  • Benefit
  • Profile Warranty
  • Rusting
  • Aesthetical value
  • Termite Proof
  • Termite Proof
  • uPVC
  • Yes
  • No
  • Excellent
  • Yes
  • 30 yr.
  • Aluminium
  • Yes on coating only
  • NO
  • NA
  • Yes
  • 10 yr
  • Wood
  • Yes if treated
  • No
  • Excellent
  • No
  • 30 yr
  • Steel
  • No
  • No
  • NA
  • Yes
  • 10 Yr


Q. What are the design options offered by Ventilia?

Ventilia offers all the latest designs that enhance the interiors of your home. These include sliders, casements, tilt and turn, bays, combinations and arches. Apart from various shapes, you can also select large sized windows that stretch from floor to ceiling and can span balconies.


Q. What are the finishes offered by Ventilia?

Pristine white is the most popular finish. Ventilia also offers various paint finishes and wood finish.

Please click on the following for more details


Q. Does Ventilia offer a wooden finish?

Ventilia offers a light oak wood finish that reflects the class of a ethnic wooden finish.


Q. What are the different types of locks offered by Ventilia?

Ventilia offers attractive lock options for its windows. These differ in shapes and colours to give you the look of your choice. These locks have been carefully chosen to let you operate the window with maximum comfort.


Q. What is the relevance of chambers in a UPVC cross section?

Common perception is that more number of chambers add to strength of UPVC window. However, more than 90 % of the strength of the window is derived from stell reinforcement.

1 mm increase in the thickness of PVC profile increases the strength by less than 1%.

1 mm increase in thickness of steel increases strength by 40%.


Q. What is the relevance of reinforcements in UPVC Window?

Ventilia windows derive 95% of their strength from reinforcements made of galvanized steel or Aluminum sections. They are used in chambers of the profile to provide the necessary strength to the window members. Separate sealed chambers in profile and zinc coating on steel bestows longevity to the product during usage period.

The thickness and shape of the section is designed to provide the necessary functional and performance parameters of window. The usual thickness varies between 1.0 mm to 3.0mm.

The reinforcements are screwed to the UPVC profile at a designed pitch using self drilling special screws. The unification of the duo renders strength to the windows.


Q. How long do Ventilia UPVC window systems last?

Ventilia UPVC windows have a life of 40 – 50 years. Their life is as much as that of the building.


Q. Can Ventilia windows be made to any size?

Ventilia window systems are modular in nature. Each window is made as per the customized size. However, there are some constraints for the maximum height and width of a window which is different for each type of window.


Q. How do Ventilia windows tackle heavy monsoons?

Ventilia has engineered three innovations to keep the rain out:

  • Rain track: An elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window functions like a dam. It captures rainwater and drains it out
  • Sill arrangement: This special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors. Instead, the rainwater flows down vertically, at some distance from the outer wall
  • Gradient slope: A track at a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures accumulated rainwater flows out


Q. Can Ventilia make my room noise proof?

Ventilia windows are sealed from top to bottom with a combination of double seals, silicon seals between the wall and the window and multiple point locks. This excellent sealing combined with non-conducting properties of UPVC make provides sound insulation.


Q. How will Ventilia tackle strong wind storms?

Wind speeds in India are much higher than those of other parts of the world. Along the coast, in the east and the west, wind speeds touch 200 kmph, the equivalent of 2000 Pascal wind loads.

In these conditions, conventional windows rattle and whistle.

Ventilia engineers an air tight solution to tackle these wind loads: Ventilia Series 3000 windows have broad sections reinforced with steel and further strengthened with a special “Hurricane Bar”. The Hurricane Bar doubles up as a handle. Multiple seals stop air ingress. No more whistling and rattling sounds even at 3000 Pascal wind loads.


Q. What are the types of doors offered by Ventilia?

Ventilia offers the following types of doors:

  • Slider Doors
  • Casement Doors (Single Sash or Twin Sash)
  • French Doors


Q. Can Ventilia windows accommodate fly mesh?

Yes, Ventilia windows can accommodate a bug screen/ fly mesh.


Q. What are Ventilia Series 1500 and Ventilia Series 3000?

Ventilia has gained priceless knowledge of Indian market in the past 5 years. It has designed windows for the relevant wind pressure. Series 1500 is used for wind loads of 1500 Pascals while series 3000 take care of wind loads of 3000 Pascal

Series 3000 windows owing to their larger strength provide an additional advantage of size. You can now design windows stretching from floor to ceiling and spanning entire balconies. It also leads to a greater design flexibilities.


Still have questions?

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FAQs – Customer Service

Q. What kind of service does Ventilia give?

Ventilia prides in making term relationship with its customers through superior customer service.

Ventilia has well trained professionals to look after
Window design: Designing the appropriate window based on climatic, wind load, monsoon or design considerations. Ventilia strongly believes in designing for Indian conditions and not super imposing technology used in other conditions on Indian windows.
Window selection: trained window consultants help you chose the right window for your home
Site survey:Ventilia technicians visit each customer site to take on site measurements and advise the customer on correct timing of installation
Window installation:Ventilia has a well trained team of installers to complete installation in your home in quick time
Post sales service:Should there be a need; Ventilia’s service team is available to take care of any of your requirements.

Q. How can Ventilia help me chose the right window designs?

Ventilia’s sales team is adequately trained to help you chose the right window for your requirements. The right design is a function of many parameters. These include:

  • Need (sound proofing, good view, etc)
  • FinishM
  • Size of aperture
  • Wind conditions
  • Monsoon conditions

Our sales team will help you make the right choice for your window. They will also help you arrive at the right kind of glass and locks

Q. Does Ventilia have its own installation team?

Ventilia’s expertise in installation is unmatched. It can handle large projects stretching upto thousands of windows. On the other hand, it can provide personalized installation in an individual home taking utmost care in doing the job in quick time with minimal disturbance.

Please click on the following link to learn more about Ventilia installation.

Q. What is the installation procedure of Ventilia windows?

Good installation is as important as a good product. A good window poorly installed will undo all the advantages of a good product.

Ventilia follows a carefully laid down procedure for installation. It takes complete care to ensure that all gaps are sealed and water and dust do not seep through.

Please click on the following link to understand the detailed installation procedure

Q. At what stage should Ventilia windows be fixed?

For a high quality installation, its critical to recognize the
Right time of measurements: Measuring an unfinished aperture will lead to a rong production. As a result, window may not fit correctly. Hence the measurement must happen on a surface that has been plastered.
Right time of installation: A home under renovation or construction is a messy place with various agencies like flooring, painting, and carpentry doing simultaneous work. Installing windows under such chaos may hamper the quality of windows before they are handed over. The right time to install windows is when the painting is almost over. Ventilia’s trained installers are well trained in their job and specialize in completing installation in quick time.

Q. How soon can Ventilia deliver?

Ventilia is India’s number 1 windows company and prides itself in delivering windows as per its client’s requirements. Our surveyors make detailed notes while doing measurements and time the delivery in such a way that it fits in the overall completion plan.

Q. Will Ventilia be available for after sales service?

Ventilia prides itself in making long term relationships with its customers. Post sales service: Should there be a need; Ventilia’s service team is available to take care of any of your requirements.

Q. What if the glass of the window breaks?

Just call Ventilia on 0731- 2577177. They will replace the glass for you.
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FAQs – Maintenance

Q. What kind of maintenance does Ventilia require?

You don’t need to do a lot of maintenance work on UPVC windows and doors: no painting, staining, or treatment. From time to time, just clean the interior and exterior frame with a standard soapy household cleaner diluted in water. And simply use a glass cleaner without ammonia for the glass
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