Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilts at an angle from the top or opens like a casement sideways. The tilt position is for ventilation. Both operations take place with a single handle. Providing the option of the window tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards. This flexibility provides you with secure ventilation and eases of cleaning from within your home, along with making Tilt and turn windows the ideal solution where there is restricted space outside making outward opening a hazard and providing an effective fire escape.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Sizes & Shapes

Range Min. Max.
Width Height Width Height
Ventila’s 60 series 305 610 920 1830



We offer single and multiple options for Glasses. With our expertise, we provide single glass from 5mm – 20mm and multiple glass from 5mm – 24mm as per clients’ requirements. Our range of glasses is known for its strength and ability to reflect solar heat radiations. These glasses can be easily incorporated with our range of UPVC doors and windows.


Which glass should we choose?

Glass is an important component that impacts the functionality of the window. You can use the following indicative chart to make your selection.

  • Glass Type
  • Float
  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Toughened
  • Double Glazed
  • Normal
  • Double Glazed
  • Toughened
  • Functionality Sound Insulation
  • √ √
  • Heat Insulation
  • √  √
  • √ √
  • √ √ √
  • Light
  • √ √ √ √
  • √ √
  • √ √ √ √
  • √ √ √ √
  • √ √ √ √
  • √ √ √ √
  • √ √ √ √
  • Safety
  • √ √
  • √ √ √ √

Relative comparison of different type of glasses

Glass Type Advantages Limitations
Float Glass
Derives its name from the name of its manufacturing process, the float process. In this process, a sheet of glass is passed repeatedly on a bed of molten tin. This process gives uniform thickness and a bright surface to the glass. Gives high visibility and clarity Can be further fabricated into other forms of glass like reflective, tinted, toughened etc. Does not offer enhancedfeatures like insulation protection etc Vulnerable to break ins.
Double Glass Unit
The insulated Glass unit is a set of 2 layers of glass with an aluminium spacer in between. Sealed to form a single unit with an air gap between the two glasses. Space between glasses is filled with dry air, which improves insulation. Improved insulation reduces air conditioning/heating bills Improves sound insulation significantly, reducing road and aircraft noise Slender frames fit perfectly well with the look of the windows. Increases security. In case of breakage, entire Double glazed unit has to be replaced. In rare cases, a fault may develop in the unit, leading to condensation.
The metallic coating on top of the float glass reduces the impact of radiation. The special metallic coating also produces a mirror effect preventing a person from seeing through the glass. Reduces the impact of light and heat radiation from the sun. Enhances the effectiveness of air conditioners. Ideal for rooms exposed to the sun. View from outside is blocked during the day. The view from inside is clear. After dark, view from outside becomes clear. Windows may require blinds at night.
Produced by applying a special treatment to ordinary float glass. The treatment involves heating the glass to very high temperatures (about 620 degrees C) so that it begins to soften; and then cooling it rapidly. Upto 4-5 times stronger than normal float glass. Provides enhanced security to windows. The glass cannot be re worked once thoughened. Glass likely to get damaged.

Colours and Finishes

We provide white as basic colour with different kind of lamination options. These can completely transform the entire look of windows as well as doors. The exclusive range of laminates also includes various wood finish options, which are commonly used for window frames. These high quality products are known for their fire resistance features and durability. We offer these premium products at market leading prices.


  • Gasket o
  • Fastener
  • Silicon
  • Drainage cap
  • Fastener cap
  • Glazing packer
  • Screw
  • Window handle


  • Preventive stricker
  • Profile packer
  • Casement tg 1800 00mm


Installation Process

  • Fixing bolts to secure the sill to the brickwork and check that its level.
  • Use a spirit level to ensure the window is vertical and up against the plaster line.
  • Use silicone seal along the back edge of the sill up stand.
  • Before positioning the glass, insert glazing bridges in the frame recess.
  • Position the glass unit, using glazing packers to ensure it is central within the opening and gently square up as necessary.
  • Carefully gun a bead of silicone between the outside masonry and window frame, wiping off excess.
  • Leave window for a couple of hours before opening, allowing seals to set.


Warranty Terms

Our commitment to customer care doesn’t end once your new uPVC Colored Windows have been fitted, we give a full 10 year Insurance backed guarantee on all our windows and doors including- uPVC Frames are covered in respect of any failure in joints or deterioration of materials.

We also offer one year warranty on hardware too.

Recomended for

  • Bedrooms, living rooms
  • Areas that require sealing from dust, pollution and thermal insulation



  • High impact resistance, Unaffected by temperature, termite, rust , corrosion & dust
  • It has ventilation option.
  • Makes cleaning easy of the external surface of the glass.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal