UPVC Windows

Why is uPVC used for windows?

Why is uPVC used for windows

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a lightweight building material used for making double glazed windows and doors for commercial and domestic usage. This material is made from chemical compounds of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen, which are also used in plumbing and drainage pipes, making them excellent alternatives for aluminum and timber.

Some advantages of having an uPVC window installed in your home and office are:

1. Resistant properties: The chemical property of uPVC windows makes them resistant to other chemicals, UV rays, sunlight and oxidation from water.

2. Economical: Windows made from uPVC are cheaper in comparison to aluminum windows. This had made them popular among the new generation.

3. Pollution and moisture repellent: The windows manufactured with uPVC material are pollution, moisture and rust repellent that makes them strong and durable.

4. Colours: The windows made of uPVC can look warm as painted timber. They are also available in various colours such as white, walnut, mahogany and anthracite grey that not only enhances their look but also helps them blend with the surroundings.

5. Low maintenance: These windows need low maintenance in terms of cleaning as they seldom attract dust. Wiping with a damp cloth in a couple of years will keep them looking as new. More so, they do not require painting and keep on looking bright for a long time.

6. Thermally efficient: These windows are thermally efficient, making them resistant to the weather condition outside, and giving them more strength.

7. Safety and security: uPVC windows work well with steel, which is why high security locks can be mounted on these frames with ease. They are difficult to break in due to a galvanised steel covering.

8. Sound proof: uPVC windows are sound proof and work as excellent noise cancellation tools in homes and offices.

9. Multiple choices: uPVC windows come in a variety of choices, which is why they can be used for different purposes.

Some of the prominent examples are stated below:

i. Bespoke Window
ii. Casement Window
iii. Sliding sash Window
iv. Tilt and Turn Window
v. Bay Window

All these above mentioned qualities make uPVC windows an excellent choice and are popular choices in homes and offices. Keeping one’s choice in mind, they can be made in all shapes and sizes.

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